What were you doing at age 19? You might have been at college taking classes and learning how to shotgun a beer. You might have taken a gap year to “figure yourself out” before committing to adulthood. Or you might have been headlining music festivals, dropping hit after hit, and performing at the biggest music conference in the world. What? You don’t think that can be done at the tender age of 19? WRONG.

Thomas Newson has done just that; the 19 year old Dutch DJ has released hits on the largest labels in the ‘biz, from Revealed Recordings, to DOORN Records to Protocol Recordings, Newson has been killing the circuit for quite some time. We had the chance to sit with him during Miami Music Week to find out more about his festival season plans and his inspirations. However, we couldn’t really pay attention due to his amazing hair-flow and unparalleled eyes that look like they came straight from the most beautiful cherub on a Michelangelo painting.

EPIC PRODUCTIONS: So, how is Miami treating you so far?

It’s my first time in Miami, so its really good. I’ve already met so many new people and it’s so good to see everyone again. Miami’s been good to me

EPIC PRODUCTIONS: Have you seen a lot of your friends down here?

Yeah Hardwell and Dyro, they’re all real family. I saw them all yesterday.

EPIC PRODUCTIONS: I remember I was at TomorrowWorld in Georgia and you didn’t make the set. What happened there?

Yeah, I had problems with my visa. I was supposed to play TomorrowWorld, but yeah my visa wasn’t finished so I couldn’t go. Hopefully this year.

EPIC PRODUCTIONS: So, it’s your first time ever in Miami! What are you excited about this week?

Of course playing around all the parties. Also, hanging out with friends, having drinks, and meeting new people. I think that’s the most important thing for me in the end.

EPIC PRODUCTIONS: What type of venue do you like playing?

Of course festivals, but in Miami its nightclubs. I was at Story yesterday. It was so huge and packed. I really liked that. I had the closing set, but it was really good.

EPIC PRODUCTIONS: Do you think there’s a difference between playing clubs in Europe and America?

Yeah. It’s a big difference. It’s hard to pinpoint but there is a difference.

EPIC PRODUCTIONS: Do you plan ahead your sets?

I, of course, have a library of songs I want to play but when I’m onstage, I choose it all from there. I can’t do my whole set before because if someone needs some tech house or whatever, I want to play that then.

EPIC PRODUCTIONS: Do you ever get nervous?

A little bit, yeah.

EPIC PRODUCTIONS: Where do you find new music?

Of course, Beatport. Seriously, I buy everything on Beatport.

EPIC PRODUCTIONS: Who has been your biggest influence?

Of course Hardwell.

EPIC PRODUCTIONS: Anyone you’d like to work with? DJs or Vocalists?

Galantis. I really love their stuff lately. I also just did a track with Harrison, actually, and that was really cool.

EPIC PRODUCTIONS: He has such a great voice. He’s really young as well. You’re only twenty yourself, though, right? How does it feel to be so successful so young?

It’s unreal. I never thought I’d get so big so young.

EPIC PRODUCTIONS: If you weren't DJing, what would you be doing right now?

Going to school. Having no life. Studying, sleeping, and watching tv. I never, never thought I’d be a professional DJ. I always wanted to, but I never thought it would happen. I never had a chance to think about what else I’d be doing.

EPIC PRODUCTIONS: What was a defining moment in your career where you felt like you’d really made it?

Of course “Flute.” That track was really huge.

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