Xenia Ghali is a young Greek producer and DJ who is headed out to change the world. This straight up and big room house artist has so much passion that it glows around her wherever she goes. She is producer of recent Billboard #1 hit ‘Under These Lights’ and she is taking the European and american electronic music scene by storm and nothing can stop her. We got a chance to sit down and talk with Xenia about ‘Under These Lights,’ what is next for her, and the trials she’s been through as an up-and-coming female electronic artist. Get to know about about Xenia and check out our interview with her below!

EPIC PRODUCTIONS: How are you doing today?

I'm great. Thank you for calling and wanting to chat with me!

EPIC PRODUCTIONS: Most definitely! So are you in Athens today?

Yeah, I’m in Athens Greece. It is beautiful weather which is very refreshing.

EPIC PRODUCTIONS: So what have you been up to these past couple weeks?

I have been recently working on my recent single ‘Under These lights’. Actually, Tuesday it hit the #1 song on Billboard Dance Club Songs chart so we’ve been doing a lot of stuff post-number #1. I am actually getting ready to shoot my music video for ‘Under These Lights’ right now here in Athens. I’m really excited for you to see it! I’m also headlining the Color Day Festival in the Olympic Stadium in Greece as well as working on my remixes and heading out on my tour.

EPIC PRODUCTIONS: Awesome, is this your first big festival in Greece?

No, but it is my first time headline my first big festival which is really exciting. I’m also heading lining another three festivals in August in Greece so this is kind of the kick off of this summer for me.

EPIC PRODUCTIONS: So from your music to your schooling it has taken you across the globe from Athens, Greece to London and New York and back. How would you compare the dance music scene in the three cities?

It’s very different! In Greece and in London it is pretty much a very similar  scene in that it is what I like to call the more European scene. It involves a lot of straight up house music, funky house, afro house, and deep house. It is what I’ve grown up with. Although, the UK does have a more aggressive scene and has had a lot of dubstep, drum and bass and jungle house. In the US I have noticed that EDM is huge but it is more of a trap scene which is more of a mix between hip hop and edm. But, deep house and straight up house aren’t as big there.

EPIC PRODUCTIONS: So, do you change up your style a lot depending on where you are playing?

I do. If a club hasn’t heard me play live they always ask me what my style is but honestly I always mix it up and cater to the audience I have. I always play house but the type of of house really depends on the room, venue or country that I’m in. I like to be really well aware of the the type of crowd and culture I am playing for. I adore to play big room and straight up house!

EPIC PRODUCTIONS: With how much traveling you’re doing what is the hardest thing being on the road all the time?

It’s not being able to see my friends and family as much as I like. It’s really difficult to balance your personal life the life traveling DJs and producers have. When I’m in Greece I’m usually here for work but I try to squeeze in good quality my family as much as I can.

EPIC PRODUCTIONS: Speaking of difficulties, how would you describe your experience going from a music student to a Billboard number one DJ as a female?

Goodness! That is an incredibly difficult journey I’ve had to go through and in my mind it’s just the very beginning and I’m preparing for a lot more difficulties. I don’t mind that it’s been difficult because that’s when you know something is work it and going well. Because if you get something without trying you’ve done it wrong. Being a female producer and DJ is quite rare for some reason. When I walk into a studio and they ask me if I’m the singer or vocalist and I say that no I am the producer there is always this moment where they look at little 5”1’ me and they ask me, “really?” At first, I didn’t have anything to prove to people as I was building my portfolio but hitting the Billboard #1 has really changed that for me.

EPIC PRODUCTIONS: In your time as a DJ what has been your most stand out and motivating moment for you?

That has to be my first time playing the Ministry of Sound in London. It was when I was in school in the UK for music production. I started playing at small local bars and clubs and there was a Ministry of Sound PR guy there. When I started off I only knew how to do turntable and vinyl. I didn’t even know there were cdj’s. I used to take all these boxes and boxes of vinyls and the man asked if I was represented by someone and said, “no?” He then told me that he wanted me to play the Ministry of Sound. My set started at 3 in the morning and I literally couldn't sit down the entire day before my set. It was the most incredible feeling on the planet to play that set and that when I knew I wanted to do that for the rest of my life.

EPIC PRODUCTIONS: In a world of male DJ’s what is some advice you would give to a women trying to enter the DJ/producer scene as well?

What I would tell any girl who wants to go down those routes is that they have to prepare themselves to have a lot of issues with people doubting them or not believing they are as good as a guy. These are things that they have to come to terms with and be able to ignore. You have to use that as fuel and inspiration to make you better. There isn’t a single guy that can do that a girl can’t do. Women are just is good. Believe in yourself because you’re your number one fan.

EPIC PRODUCTIONS: If there is one dj you dream to collaborate with, who would it be?

Oh goodness, there are so many! That is the hardest question on the planet! Eric Marlow was my favorite DJ on the planet as a kid so it would be a dream come true to work with him.

EPIC PRODUCTIONS: Do you have any other dates on your calendar you’re looking forward to, specifically any new releases?

I am very excited to release this music video very soon! Honestly, between you and I and whoever is reading this: I’m going to really have to polish up my acting skills so it will be a really cool side of me people haven’t seen. Then we’re letting ‘Under These Lights’ do it’s thing for a little bit and then releasing my next single.

EPIC PRODUCTIONS: I’m sure you’re going to kill it! Don’t worry, I know you’ll act great.

Thank you. I’m honestly so excited to show everyone our video!

EPIC PRODUCTIONS: So, if there is one thing that puts the you in your you-nique style of DJing and producing what would it be?

Can I say two? Because I always say that my sound is first and foremost passionate and second it’s melodic.

EPIC PRODUCTIONS: Is that something you plan to stick to your entire career?Honestly, yeah, I don’t think I could ever lose the passionate part. I am a very passionate person and it comes across in everything that I do from my music to my style and my relationships.